DCES Philanthropy

At DCES, we do a lot of good things for other folks. We are lucky in that we have such a giving school community. On this page, you’ll find current opportunities to give at DCES, as well as results from past drives and charitable events.

Aug 16-30: Tavan School Supply Drive. The supplies gathered will be used to support students in the classroom, parent education programs, and also the Tavan school nurses (and kids who have accidents). Many of the children that attend Tavan have never attended preschool, so their education begins the moment they enter Kindergarten. There are also multiple languages spoken at Tavan and many refugee families in need of assistance and parenting help. The supplies you share will support many programs and students. Please consider donating the following new items:

 Underwear
 Socks
 Sneakers
 Pencils
 Crayons
 Markers
 Erasers
 Binders
 Small magnetic dry erase boards (Walmart)
 Clear view zipper pencil bags
 Magnetic alphabet letters
 Pencil grips

Supply drop-offs are located in each cover, the north and south gates, and the front office.