Gift Card Rewards



Make Shopping Easy and Earn Rewards for DCES

Did you know you can purchase gift cards online and a portion of your purchase goes directly to DCES? There are no hidden fees and the PTO receives money for every card you buy. Gift cards are available for all the stores and restaurants you shop at already.

How does it work?

Purchase gift cards to use yourself or to give to others. Great Lakes Scrip Center sells the gift cards to the DCES PTO at a discount. Families buy and redeem the gift cards for full face value. DCES PTO keeps the difference as a rebate, earning a percentage of every dollar spent using the scrip gift cards.

Just follow these steps to get started:

1. Register online at
2. Click the Register button on the top right of the page
3. On the registration page, find where it says Would you Like to Join Your Group’s Existing program, and click Join a Scrip Program
4. Enter the code CBD46E8821879 when prompted
5. Shop the nearly 900 different merchants for your gift cards, and add them to your cart

To pay for your gift cards:

Select the option to pay by check. Print a copy of your online confirmation and bring it to the office with a check made payable to DCES PTO (or send it in with your student).

For orders of $250 or more, in certain increments, payments can be accepted via PayPal. To choose this option, select “check” as your payment option on the scrip site, note your total amount and return to this page or the Cub Shop to finalize your payment.


There will be opportunities to purchase gift cards each month during the school year. You will be notified once the cards are ready for pickup in the DCES office. If you have any questions, contact Jessica Kauahi (602-384-8524).